The Love Deluxe was born with a purpose that interweaves with the very nature of love. Our pleasure comes from the honor of preserving the moments that combine to form this day in your journey with beautiful truth. Our Goal with every wedding is to infuse within those unfiltered emotions of your wedding into a visual odyssey thats doesn't just look pretty in a book, but moves your heart and mind to remember the plethora of moments that came before and after the "I Do"

My team is comprised of people who both love visual arts and the telling of a good story. Along the years, after becoming a family, we've picked up some very interesting ways and creationary tools about capturing it for you. We are what you would call "Fine Art Photojournalists", which is a fancy term for stating that we not only tell the story but do so beautifully and differently for every couple we come across. The story of your wedding does not begin and end with the exchanging of vows or rings, it spans the entire emotional spectrum of the people, places and things that get you to that point and help you to grow beyond it. Your wedding won't look like anyone elses because you are not anyone else

Why should you hire us? Well my friends, that is entirely up for you to decide as you traverse the pages and planes of the images and videos we have selected here for you. If you're moved when you go through the lifetimes of images before you then imagine how much more moved you will be when we capture YOUR story...


Andrew Thomas Clifton, Senior Creative